Subscription-Based Financial Advice


per month

$250/mo for New Physicians




Dedicated Financial Advisor

Get personalized guidance from a Certified Financial Planner™ who comes to know you and your family as individuals.


Personalized Plans

Find out how to pay off all your debts and save all the money you need for your kids’ college and your own retirement.


Unlimited Investment Advice

Gain professional management of all your retirement and college accounts, no matter how large or small. It’s all included.



NO hidden fees: What you see is what you pay
NO asset-based fees: Keep more of what you earn
NO hourly charges: Get all the help you need
NO minimum investment: All doctors served, including those in debt
NO conflicts of interest: We are fee-only fiduciaries
NO long term contracts: Cancel any time

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Physician Family get paid?
We are a fee-only firm which means we charge a level monthly subscription fee for our services. We never accept commissions or referral fees. This way, you know the advice you receive is intended for your benefit.

When will you begin charging me?
Your first interview with us is free. Once you become a client, we will hold a Goal Setting Visit and that’s when we charge a fee that’s prorated for the first partial month. After that, we collect fees by ACH bank draft on the first business day of the month for which services will be rendered.

Are there any hidden fees?
No. While your financial institution and other service providers (your accountant or attorney) may charge you separately for their products and services, all of Physician Family's work is covered by one monthly fee.

Why don’t you charge by the hour?
Advisors who bill by the hour have an incentive to waste time and, for the physicians we serve, there’s nothing more precious than time. From our perspective, subscription fees give us the ability to earn a stable salary so we can feel comfortable putting our hearts and souls into the work we do for you.

How long is the service agreement?
We work on a month by month basis. While we hope to serve you for years to come, you can cancel your engagement with us at any time by email or by phone.

Is there a penalty for cancellation?
No. There is no cancellation fee.

What's the next step?
It’s easy! Schedule an interview.

More questions? Contact us.