Plan to Be Ready for a Financial Emergency

Bad news—a surprise tax bill, a car that won’t start, a lawsuit or an insurance company that fails to pay—can derail even the best financial plans.

Having some money set aside, just in case, can give you options and put yourself back in control so you can handle the situation on your own terms.

Make a plan to build an Emergency Fund to be ready if bad things happen.

With an Emergency Fund Plan, you can...

  • Get organized: We help you gather your thoughts and your documents in one place.
  • Set a realistic goal: Think through the risks that might cause an emergency.
  • See your options clearly: Understand the options for your emergency savings.
  • Know what it takes: Find out how much you need to set aside for emergencies.
  • Find out what to do: Gain step-by-step instructions to build your family's fund for emergencies.