W. Ben Utley, CFP® again listed for third time among Medical Economics "150 Best Financial Advisors For Doctors"

Given that there are about 700,000 financial advisors in the United States, I'm proud to announce that I have recently been ranked among Medical Economics' list of "150 Best Financial Advisors for Doctors". Three things physician families should note about this list are...

  1. My firm must be delivering the services that doctors really need since this is the third time Med Ec has tapped me since 2002 (they run their list every two years).
  2. Doctors who are searching for the services I deliver have a 0.02% chance of finding them by randomly bumping into a financial advisor at this year's Christmas party (that's 150 physician-focused financial advisors divided by 700,000 total financial advisors).
  3. Medical Economics is doing physicians everywhere a big favor by narrowing the field for doctors in search of decent financial advice. Thanks!

The criteria for being ranked include knowledge, experience, fee arrangements (with preference given to fee-only advisors like myself), minimum portfolio requirements, and being in good standing with SEC and the NASD.