Thinking *inside* the box [Certain Times]

Have you ever felt like there’s more to this financial security thing than meets the eye? Yesterday I spoke with a cardiologist—a smart, hard working, pillar of the community kind of guy—who had spent the better part of the last two decades building a nice seven-figure retirement nest egg out of nothing more than garden variety Vanguard funds.

And do you know what he wanted?

He wanted me to manage his investments.

I gotta tell you: I was stunned.

I told you he was smart. In fact, he had read almost all the same investing books I had. (And I say *almost* because he had, in fact, read more than me.)

Yet no matter how I tried, I could not convince him that he was doing the right thing. I got the impression that he believed that there might be something wrong with what he was doing.

Then I talked with a nephrologist last week who did hire me to put together a financial plan for him.

He’s a family-first kind of guy with a reasonable standard of living, so he can afford to save modestly and invest moderately BUT he was certain that there must be something more to getting on track than simply saving into good old-fashioned mutual funds for the long haul.

And finally, I spoke with a physician family—a married coupe of primary care docs—who have done very well for themselves over all these years BUT every now and then they ask me if they shouldn’t get more aggressive or do “something different”.

I’m beginning to get the impression that you think you need to “think outside the box” to become financially secure.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Let me tell you: this financial security thing… this “having enough money to last a lifetime” thing that I’m talking about all the time… It’s not hard. It’s not new. And there’s nothing out-of-the box about it.

In fact, the tried and true way to become financially secure is way, Way, WAY *inside* the box.

Want to see what’s inside?

First you set a goal. Then you make a plan. Then you get on track.

And if you ever find yourself “outside the box” then you run like you’re hair is on fire until you get back inside that box.

Sure, some of your colleagues are venturing outside the box with their brother-in-law’s new restaurant chain or their partner’s latest and greatest get rich quick scheme. And yes, they might make a killing... or just get killed.

But you—If you’re smart—will look around you and see that there’ simply no substitute for hard work, steady saving and wise investing.

And when you gain this perspective, you’ll stand a much better chance of building financial security that can last a lifetime.