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Investors With Little Ready Cash, Take Note of Mortgage Swaps | The Wall Street Journal quotes W. Ben Utley, CFP®

Columnist Ray Smith recommends that commercial real estate investors "tote the note" when selling properties. Certified Financial Planner® W. Ben Utley warns sellers that these mortgage notes can be illiquid. "They're generally hard to sell, and if you do sell there is a discount involved," he says. "There's no public market for these kinds of things. There are less buyers for them."

Some Earn Higher Rates by Buying Mortgages | The Wall Street Journal quotes W. Ben Utley, CFP®

The recent run up in home prices and the slump in rates on bank deposits are pushing some investors to look for alternatives. Columnist Ray Smith quizzes Certified Financial Planner® W. Ben Utley about the basics of mortgage note investing.

Doing Nothing With Your Investments Can Result in Big Gains, Fewer Headaches | The Wall Street Journal

Rising oil prices... falling stock prices... jittery interest rates... what to do? It takes the most courage to do nothing. But that's the best way to make money. says W. Ben Utley, CFP®. in Jonathan Clements' Getting Going column, Utley reminds readers, "You can destroy a perfectly good strategy with a little fear. Good investing requires a sound strategy and courage in the face of constant bombardment by the press."

Spending It. Investing It: A Personal Finance Special Report | The Wall Street Journal quotes W. Ben Utley, CFP®

There's a new player in the investment game called the Millennium Generation, or the "boomlets". The Wall Street Journal's Mara DerHovanesian cites Certified Financial Planner® W. Ben Utley's experience with younger investors.