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A SIMPLE Solution to Retirement Plan Worries | W. Ben Utley, CFP® writes for The Business News

In its recent Employee Benefits Survey, the Bureau of Labor & Statistics cites a lack of retirement plan participation among employees in small businesses. W. Ben Utley, CFP® helps business owners overcome the hurdles of establishing an effective retirement plan. He gives details about starting a Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees IRA (SIMPLE-IRA), and tells how the SIMPLE-IRA can help employers retain well-qualified employees in a competitive labor market.

Well-Prepared Business Menu Whets Customers' Appetites | W. Ben Utley, CFP® writes for The Business News

In the Information Age, businesses increasingly offer services which are intangible in nature, so customers often find it more difficult to make informed purchase decisions. In his Money Talks column, W. Ben Utley, CFP® tells business owners how a well-drafted proposal can effectively communicate the benefits of their services while giving customers more options at the point of purchase.

Revenue-Smoothing Brings Year-Round Results | W. Ben Utley, CFP® writes for The Business News

The new economy challenges entrepreneurs to remain competitive. In his guest column, Ben Utley discusses the evolution of customer service and how small businessowners can custom-tailor their service packages to better serve customers, stabilize revenues and improve profitability.