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Planners Fees Shift As Scrutiny Increases | Dow Jones Newswires quotes W. Ben Utley, CFP®

Increased scrutiny of compensation methods in the financial planning industry has caused some advisors to rethink the way they charge for what they do. Kathy Chu cites Certified Financial Planner® W. Ben Utley's retainer arrangement as one of the better ways of paying for financial advice.

Advisors See Few Tears From Investors Who Lose Control | Dow Jones Newswires quotes W. Ben Utley, CFP®

Likening the market's bumps and congestion to those found in a New York cab ride, columnist Lynn Cowan extolls the virtues  of placing your financial life in the hands of a Certified Financial Planner®. In this gritty yet enlightening piece, W. Ben Utley, CFP® explains how discretionary portfolio management keeps his clients from missing important market opportunities.