In Memory of Steve Jobs: A Financial Plan for Young Doctors that "Just Works"

My kids love their iPads. They play on them, learn with them, watch TV on them, and most of all, they quietly build Smurf towns with their iPads on those looooong trips to grandmas house while Brenda and I chat about their future. What Steve Jobs has done for my family is simply incredible. He took something so unfathomably complex, so maddening, so damned frustrating, and stripped away all the technical junk (even the keyboard) to give us something unbelievably simple that just works.

I believe financial planning should "Just work."

So I've spent the last six months or so re-engineering the process I use to help you and your family become financially secure.

I've stripped away the organizer that seemed to take forever to compile. I've dumped the obtuse obfuscation of polysyllabic nomenclature. I've opened up the big black box where plans (and sausages) are made behind the scense. And I'm inviting you back into the process: to educate, empower and inspire you to build something for your family that many people think is impossible: security.

Right now, I'm calling it the "one-page plan" because that's exactly what it is (and because "iPlan" is a little too cutesy). If you have a better name for it, I'm all ears.

See how simple financial planning can be.

Download your FREE one-page financial plan for young doctors.

And if you want me to help you fill in the blanks, just let me know.

Thanks for listening to your inner voice Steve, and for inviting us all to join you.