Financial Planner for Doctors

We focus on physicians

In the 20 years we’ve been serving doctors, we have seen just about everything—good and bad—that can happen in the financial lives of medical practitioners. Our specialization gives our clients a distinct advantage in the achievement of financial security. More than 90% of the households we serve include doctors (M.D. or D.O.).

Physician Family Financial Planning

We love to serve families

We believe that every child holds the potential for greatness. To learn, to grow, to reach their full potential, they need security and attentive care. By focusing on families, we hope that our work helps clients worry less and and enjoy more quality time  with their children. Nine out of ten families we serve have children.

Fiduciary Financial Planner

We've got your back

Every doctor is held to a standard of care but only a small percentage of financial advisors, including Physician Family, are held to such a standard. As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA), we are legally bound to act in each client's best interest and to disclose conflicts of interest if they should arise. We are fiduciaries.

Physician Financial Expert

We’re not “wealth managers”

We are physician financial experts who are fanatically focused on helping our clients live for today and plan for tomorrow, regardless of how much they have to invest or how deeply they are in debt. We serve doctors, not dollars.

Fee-Only Planner

We are fee-only planners

We don't sell products or accept commissions. We charge a level monthly fee that makes it possible for you to enjoy a close working relationship with a Certified Financial Planner™ who knows you personally and guides you toward your own vision of financial security. All of our professionals are salaried employees.

Proactive Financial Planning

We’re more than professional... we are proactive

We understand the demands of practicing medicine and raising a family, and we know “financial stuff” can slip through the cracks unless somebody makes it a priority. That “somebody” is us. You can call us “caring” or you can call us “pushy” but if you don’t call us every now and then, we’ll call you. Expect to hear from us regularly.


We're here when you need us

We know you’re busy so we make sure we're ready when you are: early mornings, lunchtime, evenings and occasionally weekends. Call, text, email or stop by the office if you happen to be in Oregon. We can serve clients in all 50 states.


Meet the Physician Family Financial Advisors


W Ben Utley CFP®
Financial Advisor & President

“The thing that gets me up in the morning is a feeling that what I do matters. If we can help one more doctor take care of one more patient or spend one more hour with their kids, then I know we're making a difference.”


Kyle J Hoelzle
Portfolio Technician

“I get a good feeling when I’m handling paperwork and taking care of accounts, knowing that doing my job makes it so that the doctors we serve can spend more time helping their patients.”